We ain’t no sheeple–we listen to Google! (SB 2017: Iceland)

M1 spring break is one for the books! Michelle and I met up in Iceland for a week and explored the Southern and Western parts of the country. I was unable to fulfill my compulsive planning habits on account of school and therefore didn’t plan much of an itinerary before the trip. We booked hostels and a car in advance, but did everything else on the fly. It was pretty fun and way less stress-inducing than I originally thought it would be. On my next trip to Iceland, I’m definitely going to book a 4 wheel drive car though. Side note: Iceland is expensive!! Hostel beds, groceries, eating out, gas, etc. required “multilevel” money! And, Icelandic people don’t wear shoes in the house. My kind of people!

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Hiking: Rochers-de-Naye & Sam Smith Concert @ Montreux Jazz

This post is three weeks late, but better late than never. On my last day in Switzerland, I laced up my hiking boots for one more hike. I decided to stay close to home. In the morning, I took the train to Montreux. From there, I hopped on a cog wheel train to hitch a ride up to Caux, where I started the hike. It was a HOT day. The beginning of the trail was uncovered, so I was hit with quite a bit of sun. The middle part of the trail entered the woods (thank goodness). The final part of the trail creeped out of the woods toward uncovered area, but the wind picked up, making the heat much more bearable. I had a spectacular view of Lac Léman at the top.

Lovely Lac Léman.
From Lausanne, these two peaks are hidden behind another mountain. When I saw them, I always imagined they were like the ears of a dumb bunny playing hide and seek who did not realize his ears were still showing.
From Lausanne, these two peaks are hidden behind another mountain. When I saw them, I always imagined they were like the ears of a dumb bunny playing hide and seek who did not realize his ears were still showing.

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Swiss reflections

Hi everyone, I got back to Florida on Thursday, and I’m hustling on those secondaries since I completely ignored them during my last week in Switzerland. Florida has been good: Dad and I have been playing tennis, I’m running (unfortunately on a treadmill to get that incline training since FL doesn’t have hills), and I’ve (FINALLY) been able to practice piano! But here I want to write some of my reflections on my time in Switzerland.

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Zermatt Half Marathon: Race Report

WOW yesterday’s race was insane. If you want the short version: course was generally rough, but a ton of fun (mostly). I grossly underestimated the elevation gain. The last 3 km probably took me about 45 min – 1 hour, and they were the toughest 3 km I’ve ever walked, but once I reached the finish line, euphoria set in.

Super excited to crest the hill

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Swimming under the full moon

Yesterday, the lab had a little dinner picnic and some of us went swimming in Lac Léman followed by baguettes (of course) with dried meats and tomme and pita bread with hummus and tzatziki. Soccer and volleyball followed by more swimming. The moon was bright and full and the moonlight shimmered as it reflected off the water. The mountains are huge. I don’t know how to describe swimming in the lake under a full moon with an epic backdrop of mountains. I felt so happy. As we were swimming, Thomas asked me, “so why are you leaving Switzerland again?” I ask myself this question almost everyday too. The summer air was so warm that after we got out of the lake, I didn’t feel cold. It was a perfect summer evening.

Swans on Lac Léman + full moon


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The good life

It has been such a lovely weekend in Lausanne! The goodness started on Thursday–I kicked off the morning with a tempo run before heading into work. The sun shone bright against the sparkling lake, making an illusion that each wave winked at you. On clear days, the mountains take on a dark purple/mauve color around sunset, which beautifully contrasts the gradient blue sky. Thursday was this kind of day. Wanting to spend as much time as possible outside, after work, I decided to head out for an easy-paced long run. I enjoyed the fresh air au bord du lac for one of the most relaxing 15Ks I’ve ever run. (Also, I wanted one last distance run before the Zermatt half next weekend!!)


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