Door Lock (Complete)

The original motivation:

Both Noelle and I are pretty active people and we dislike bringing our room keys with us when we’re out running. Additionally, on really busy days, I sometimes forget my keys and I have to call the RA to unlock the door. 😦 I thought it would be extremely useful if we had a way to unlock our locked door. This project was inspired by our good MechE friend Mike, who had a card reader secured to the outside of his door. When he swiped his Duke card, a servo would unlock his door. Given that I already had the chance to tinker with the Arduino LCD shield, I thought I could modify his door-lock idea and replace the card reader with an LCD shield that asks for a four-number code.

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Getting locked out of my room…on the fourth day here

About 30 minutes ago, I did something really stupid. I was sitting at my desk eating Nilla wafers. When I had eaten way more than my share of cookies, I decided to put them back in the kitchenette. As I was leaving my room, I gently kicked back my door…and it shut. In that moment, I had this sinking feeling since I knew my door was still locked from the inside. Uh-oh.

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Door Unlocker LCD Screen

The motivation:

My next project is to create a door-unlocker using an Arduino, an LCD shield, and  servos. When I’m out on the trails and when Noelle is at the gym we never bring our keys. As a result, we’re forced to leave our door unlocked. Although we live on the 5th floor and there is a very small probability that a thief would climb five flights of stairs, it still leaves me a bit nervous. (Especially after the series of laptop thefts that struck Kilgo this past semester…)

It would be great if we had a way to lock/unlock our door without having to bring our keys!

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Arduino Harlem Shake

We’re using an Arduino to program the heating cycle of a reflow oven in my medical instrumentation course. One afternoon I skipped my run in order to give my body a break from the pollen. (Everything outside has a not-so-lovely coat of yellow…) I thought it would be fun to make a dancing man special character for the Arduino LCD. But Dancing Man quickly morphed into Harlem Shake.

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Light Switch

The motivation:

This semester, my lovely roommate Noelle decided to rush the sorority Delta Sigma Theta. During the grueling 2.5 month-long process, I rarely saw her. Because I like to read before bed, I had a little trouble when the time came to finally go to sleep. I had to drag myself out from under my warm covers, climb down my bed, walk across the room, turn off the lights, stub my toe as I stumbled back to bed in the dark, climb back into bed, and finally find some peace and rest.

*Side Note: Because we have very high ceilings (one of the many pros to a 5th floor room), we both decided to loft our beds (5 feet high). As a result, it made turning off the lights even more of a hassle.*

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