LWI: Turn off the GPS

Not literally though. This week’s LWI is a reference to Dean Nowicki’s 2010 convocation speech telling freshman to take the time to explore different things. Don’t be so focused on a single idea/set path that you fail to see and experience other parts of Duke (or the world). My fellowship in Switzerland was a year of exercising this phrase, but now it’s time to try it in the comfort of home. Try getting lost in a new area through reading, physically exploring, thinking, or whatever you please. Happy adventures.


LWI: slow down

This week’s phrase is slow down. After I first drew the phrase, I threw it back into the jar, thinking, “Son of a peach. I’m running a half on Saturday. The last thing I’m going to do this week is slow down.” I shook up the jar, and drew again. Guess what it was? God/fate/the world sure has a sense of humor. So this week, let’s slow it down. I’m going to take this to mean a reminder to see and appreciate all the little things that we may miss as we’re speeding down on the highway of life. Take the time to appreciate that sunset, or that flower next to the sidewalk, or that turkey sandwich you’re eating for lunch, or the feeling of walking barefoot in the grass, or the smell of coffee as you wake up in the morning, or the feeling of a hot shower after a long day, or or or. You get the picture. But on Saturday, you know the last thing I want to do is physically slow down. I’ll definitely try to slow down my mind and breathe in the atmosphere and sights and fresh mountain air.

LWI: shake it off

A little behind on updating my LWI phrase of the week. This week is “shake it off” à la Taylor Swift. Couldn’t have been a more appropriate week as we see the one and only T-swizzle influencing Apple like no other celebrity has done before. In this world, the haters gon’ hate, potatoes gon’ potate, and tomatoes gon’ tomate. Our challenge is to fly above it and just shake it off.