Bucket list: dive the GBR, Not on bucket list: get lost on the GBR

Diving the GBR was definitely one of the highlights of this trip. In fact, the only reason why I flew to Australia before going to NZ was to dive the GBR. It did not disappoint.

I thought Sydney was hot until I arrived in Cairns (pronounced “cans” like beer cans, but say it with an Aussie accent). Unfortunately, my hostel didn’t have AC, which made my hostel in Sydney feel like the Ritz. *sob* It’s funny how your perspective changes from place to place.

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Bucket list: run a marathon

Crossed off a bucket list item just three days into the new year: run a marathon! It was my first (and maybe last) marathon. In short: I definitely wasn’t prepared for it, but somehow I finished.

I signed up for the marathon on a whim sometime last November. I had been running about 30 miles a week at the time. After I signed up, I maintained that mileage rather than increasing it (big mistake). Winter vacation came and went during which I did very little serious running. Then, all of a sudden, it was the new year. Excuses aside, I registered for it so I was going to run it.

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Bucket list: host a Thanksgiving dinner

Once Thanksgiving rolls around, you know it’s the start of the season of traditions. Since we don’t have family in the States, mom started a Thanksgiving tradition of getting ourselves invited to someone else’s house for dinner. I used to be embarrassed by this tradition, but now I find it rather amusing. Hosting a Thanksgiving was on my bucket list, but now I can cross it off!

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