My attempt at painting a scene from one of my walks through the Lavaux vineyards, which have sweeping views of Lac Léman.

A work in progress.



Wedding, shadowing, and a crafternoon

I spent last weekend in State College, PA for Daria and Collin’s wedding. It was a small ceremony–only 42 guests total–but it was very nice. The wedding was held in Collin’s grandparent’s garden. I had a great time catching up with Jess and meeting Greg. There were two other Dukies, but I don’t particularly like either of them, so I mostly spent time with Jess, Greg, and whatever time I could with the lovely bride. Collin’s grandfather and I talked about diving, and he showed me pictures of some of his dives. There were two large portraits in their living room of Collin’s great-great-insert several more greats-grandmother and grandfather. This ancestral grandfather was one of the founding members of West Virginia during its split from VA during the Civil War. I think it is really cool to have this sort of history behind your family in the States.

Daria's bridesmaids, Alex, Daria, and Collin
Daria’s bridesmaids, Alex, Daria, and Collin

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