Béatitude: walking the TMB as a solo-traveler (TMB Part 3 of 3)

Béatitude (French) – supreme happiness; a state of blessedness

A couple of weeks ago I read a New Yorker article titled “The Glossary of Happiness” which led me to Dr. Lomas’s website indexing “‘untranslatable’ words related to well being from across the world’s languages.” I started to compile a list of my favorite foreign words from the website, and many of them aptly describe what I saw and what I felt while walking the TMB. The French word béatitude is one such word that describes my experience.

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TMB packing list (TMB Part 2 of 3)

My Millet 45L pack was my home for the 10 days on the TMB + 4 bonus days in Switzerland. When I checked in my pack at the airport, it weighed exactly 10 kg (22 lbs), including my hiking boots that were shoved into the bottom compartment of the pack. If I subtract the weight of my hiking boots and add the weight of my lunch, water, and chocolate, it probably remained around 10 kg. It felt a little heavy toward the end of the trip, but I ended up needing the cold weather clothes due to a change in the weather.

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Tour du Mont Blanc: 10 Day Itinerary (TMB Part 1 of 3)

Hey folks, I’m back from my hike on the TMB! The hike was fantastic–a little hot at the beginning but it got cooler during the second half of the trip. Overall I loved the trails in France and Italy. The section in Switzerland was completely underwhelming, so if I were to do it again I’d consider taking a bus to skip parts of the trail in Switzerland.

Some quick thoughts before the nitty gritty:

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