Labor Day Weekend: Amicalola Falls

Saturday morning I drove out to Amicalola Falls in Northern GA. I left Atlanta at 6:30 am to beat the traffic. Driving on the country roads reminded me of North Carolina. They were like the roads that I drove on to get to Maple view or the pumpkin patch farms. The trails around Amicalola reminded me of the forests in NC. It reminded me of my trip with Ang to Chimney Rock and Asheville. It reminded me of the Duke Forest trails. Where NC 751 cuts through the forest. It reminded me how in the fall, the leaves would coat the ground in a layer of crinkly loveliness that glinted under the afternoon sun. It reminded me of the countless runs I ran after taking tests or after doing problem sets all morning and afternoon. Oh, the wonderful influx and rush of air. It’s sharp. It’s fresh. This is what it’s like to breathe. While at Amicalola, I felt jealous of Duke students and how lucky they are to have the Duke forest in their backyard. Of how they have access to those wonderful trails in 10 minutes by running while here, it takes 1.5 hours of driving.

I love how the forest green transformed the sun’s blinding light into gentle faded rays. The air was crisp up in Amicalola and the sound of crickets droned in the background. I stopped at one point to sit on a rock. I heard the faint rustle of wind in the leaves, whispering a secret that only those who listened could hear. There was the faint sound of water trickling in the background. It was far from the thunderous roaring of the Sutherland Falls in NZ where water flaunts its shear power. Here it was just an easy flow. Water displaying its peaceful grace.

I studied most of Sunday, but went on a great run in the afternoon and got to see some awesome clouds floating through a gorgeous sunset.

The ‘mountains’ in Northern GA are nice, but I think I still prefer the grand, sharp peaks of the Rockies and the Alps. Here, the mountains are like small hills…yet, there is still beauty.



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