Whitewater kayaking as a metaphor for life

Life has been so good these past two weeks. My small group came over for dinner on Friday night, friends came over for homemade yogurt on Saturday, I FINALLY climbed at Stone Summit, went on some runs (the weather is a bit cooler in the AM), heard the Vega Quartet play Beethoven’s String Quartet No. 7 and (last but not least) spent some quality time with Neil Gaiman on Friday and Saturday night.

But that’s not what I want to focus on for the rest of the blog post. I want to rewind to last weekend. I’ve been itching to write about last weekend’s trip to Bryson City, NC where I went whitewater kayaking with some other med students. Seven M1s and two M2s went on the trip. Right after our exam, we left for NC. Three hours later, we pulled up to our cabin. That night, Maddie and I slept in her tent. It was a wonderfully clear night so we didn’t put the fly up and we could see the sky and stars.

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Labor Day Weekend: Amicalola Falls

Saturday morning I drove out to Amicalola Falls in Northern GA. I left Atlanta at 6:30 am to beat the traffic. Driving on the country roads reminded me of North Carolina. They were like the roads that I drove on to get to Maple view or the pumpkin patch farms. The trails around Amicalola reminded me of the forests in NC. It reminded me of my trip with Ang to Chimney Rock and Asheville. It reminded me of the Duke Forest trails. Where NC 751 cuts through the forest. It reminded me how in the fall, the leaves would coat the ground in a layer of crinkly loveliness that glinted under the afternoon sun. It reminded me of the countless runs I ran after taking tests or after doing problem sets all morning and afternoon. Oh, the wonderful influx and rush of air. It’s sharp. It’s fresh. This is what it’s like to breathe. While at Amicalola, I felt jealous of Duke students and how lucky they are to have the Duke forest in their backyard. Of how they have access to those wonderful trails in 10 minutes by running while here, it takes 1.5 hours of driving.

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