Miller Union, Yoga, Birthday Parties, Life, etc.

Hey y’all. I’m in a completely different mental place compared to 1.5-2 weeks ago. Last week, my college roommate got engaged!!! I am thrilled for her!

It’s funny how time goes by. Well, not funny. Just interesting. Time is like an open faucet, constantly flowing. This past week, I was sitting outside the med school eating lunch and saw some undergraduates moving in. It reminded me of when Michelle moved into Emory in 2008. The excitement. It reminded me of when I moved into Duke. Whilst studying in the library, I saw tour groups of new students. It reminded me of the tours I took at Duke as a new freshman. It reminded me of my past fear of getting lost at Duke. This past week, Snowlle got engaged. I’m so, incredibly happy for her. I did not expect that she would be the first of our friend group to get married. She didn’t either. Life moves on and flows in unexpected ways. From fears of finding the right building and classroom to finding life partners and just finding life paths. My heart fills with joy and love for the happy, newly engaged couple. It’s interesting how time goes by. The phone call from Noelle reminded me of the key to life. Take time from your own to-do list, full of your own ambitions, and connect with people so you don’t lose the moment because time doesn’t stop. We can lose everything–the meaning of life–in an instant by putting ourselves first.

So that’s what this weekend was all about: connecting–with friends old and new. Ang came in on Thursday. Friday night, Ang, Kay (her BA buddy), and I went out to Miller Union. It’s an upscale southern cuisine restaurant and it’s delicious. Favorite dish was an egg baked in cauliflower sauce paired with toasted bread. After, Ang and I went to Cecily’s to celebrate Cecily’s birthday. It was a small group of med students and we played Taboo and Anomia. Love board game nights. Saturday morning, I ran in Dr. Flowers’s Spirit Foundation 5K. Ang and I hit up my yoga studio for vinyasa yoga before getting Thai with Lindsay. We briefly went to Ormsby’s for Ana’s birthday before moving on to a Mck person’s going-away party. I got to reconnect with Justin from HS and Justin from Duke. Sunday, we went out for juice, acai bowls, and ginger shots (was NOT a fan of these…). (Ang is now a juice queen!) We hit up Ponce City Market. In the evening, my small group and I went to a Zombie escape room in Atlanta, which was heaps of fun.

Overall a superb weekend. I’ve so enjoyed having Ang over on the weekends. Even just sitting and talking in the living room is a blast and we laugh until our stomachs hurt. This is what life is about. Connections and laughter and smiles and sometimes tears. But mostly laugher and smiles. Hope everyone had a rejuvenating weekend and has a productive week ahead.


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