Many reunions in the big apple

NYC was a whirlwind of reunions! I’m feeling refreshed and full of joy as I enjoy my last week at home.

I got in Friday afternoon and made my way to Hersh’s apartment in Chelsea where I dropped off my stuff. I met Ang and we made our way to the High Line. After, we went to the Chobani store for yogurt. Not quite as good as The Yogurt Shop in Copenhagen, but still delish. We met Hersh for dinner (Italian food was soooo good) before Ang went back uptown and Hersh and I went the Chelsea Pier driving range. Y’all, everything in NY is open super late. Like who plays golf until midnight?? Apparently New Yorkers.

Saturday morning I ran along the West side and then went to Chelsea Market in search of a birthday gift for mom. (Didn’t find anything worth buying.) Met Catherine for lunch at Gansevoort and we wandered through West Village/Greenwich. Then I made my way uptown to see Josh! Got the grand tour of Weill, Rockefeller, and a nice park on the east side (that has a great dog park!!). Josh also took me to this super cute ice cream/candy shop (The Sweet Shop NYC) where ice cream is served in chinese take-out boxes. The owner of the store has an amazing memory and is awesome at recommending ice cream and making the whole experience fun. I felt like Harry Potter in Olivanders. In the evening, I went back to Hersh’s place to pick up my stuff and move into Lexie’s hotel in midtown.

Lexie, who was jet lagged because she just flew in from Brussels, and I woke up at 7 am and made our way over to the Empire State Building by 8. We beat all the crowds. It was a perfect day and we could see for miles in all directions. After, we got brunch before making the walk up to upper east side to (re)visit The Sweet Shop. I had a hunch Lexie would like that little store. We both got PB&J flavor served in a pretzel cone!! Then we hopped on the subway and made our way down to Brooklyn to meet Catherine and Jonathan for Smorgasburg in Prospect Park. Parks are great! They are big-time value-adds to any city in my book. In the evening, Lexie and I stopped by the tkts booth in Times Square to see if there were any tickets left for shows on Broadway. We weren’t interested in any of the shows that still had tix so we went back to the hotel “to rest” before going to see Secret Life of Pets. Unfortunately we fell asleep before we could make it out of the hotel again.

I ran in Central Park on Monday and got in a little workout before getting more pasta and hopping on a plane back home. Great weekend with lots of good food and reunions. Next time I’ll try to actually make it to a museum. (Wanted to go to the Met…but that didn’t happen.)


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