A Wedding Tale and Tahoe Trails

Guess what!? One of the Swiss Misses became a Mrs. this past weekend! My heart fills with joy that I got to celebrate Char and Emil on their wedding day!

Party till the cows come home

On Saturday, I met Emily and Nick at the hotel. After checking in, we went to CREAM, which is a delicious little spot that makes ice cream sandwiches. Yum! After getting ready, we took Em and Nick’s little red Fiat (SO Euro) rental car to the wedding. The venue was absolutely gorgeous. I particularly loved their table seating chart, which was a map of the world with tables labeled as different cities/countries. Each table featured a picture of the lovely bride and groom in that city/country.

I loved how Char and Emil worked their personalities and backgrounds into their vows. (“Marriage is like an engineering project” almost had me in tears. Yeah, it’s like the most important group project partner pick of your life. Even more so than senior design.) Dinner was delicious. The toasts were hilarious. The pie was exquisite. The dancing was marvelous. Overall, it was a wonderful night of love and laughter, and I am so happy I got to partake in the celebrations.

An afterthought: the wedding was held at a ranch. Throughout the evening, we could see cattle grazing in the fields. We literally got to party till the cows came home.

Hiking near South Lake Tahoe

On Sunday, I stopped by the post-wedding brunch before heading out for South Lake Tahoe, where I (once again) met up with Em and Nick. Lake Tahoe is beautiful, but it’s no Switzerland. It’s strange because lac léman is literally a lake surrounded by mountains, as is Lake Tahoe, but the two places feel so different. After visiting Kiva Beach, Em, Nick, and I went on a little hike to Eagle Lake, which has great views of Emerald Bay. We grabbed delectable pizzas from Base Camp pizza (ugh, now I’m craving pizza) before we bid farewell.

Monday morning, I set out around 7:15 for Mt. Tallac Trailhead. When I arrived at the parking lot around 7:35, there were still plenty of parking spots. The trail passed by Fallen Leaf Lake, Floating Island Lake, and Cathedral Lake. I loved Floating Island Lake, which made a perfect reflection of the trees and sky. It would’ve been perfect serenity had their not been mosquitoes vying for my blood. (Who knew there were so many mosquitoes in Tahoe?!?!)

After Cathedral Lake, the trail started to climb upwards. It went well until…I hit a patch of snow. Oh no. Bad memories from my attempted hike to lac de louvie flooded my mind. I walked across the snow, but when I got to the other side, I lost track of the trail. I thought about turning around, but saw two other hikers approaching. I decided to wait and see what they’d do. They decided to scramble over the rocks (and avoid the snow) until they found the trail again. I followed suit. After a bit more of a climb, we came across another patch of snow and once again scrambled over the rocks before meeting back up with the trail. Thankfully there were no other surprises after the second snowy area. After 5 miles and 3255 ft of elevation gain, I reached the summit, which has the best views of Lake Tahoe and Gilmore Lake and a pretty great vista of Desolation Wilderness. Simply superb. I enjoyed lunch (while fighting off chipmunks who wanted my lunch just as much as me) and the views. At one point, a helicopter flew pretty close to the summit and all of us hikers were blown off balance. The hike down passed without a hitch.

On my last day in Tahoe, I decided to hike some more of Desolation Wilderness. This time, I went to the Echo Lakes Trailhead, where I hiked a tiny portion of the PCT. I passed by Lower Echo Lake, Upper Echo Lake, and Lake Tamarack. It was a little round trip hike of ~8 miles, but very little elevation gain.

And that’s all from my short trip out to Davis and Tahoe!



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