Taiwan Twenty

College newbies gain the freshman fifteen whereas I gain the Taiwan twenty. We’ve been in Taiwan for just under a week now and we’ve been doing a whole lot of nothing (read: eating, seeing dad’s friends, more eating, spending time with cousins, more eating).

During our first several days in Taiwan, the entire country was on break for Chinese New Year. Yesterday was the first day of work during the Lunar New Year so the streets were filled with firecrackers. On the first day of work, most business set off firecrackers (they’re very loud), burn gold colored paper (a symbol of money) for one’s deceased ancestors, and burn incense. The streets were chaos.

We’ve also hit up our old stomping grounds, the Hyatt gym and spa. It’s one of my favorite places due to its central location in the city (read: close to an Eslite bookstore), free water, excellent gym equipment, and general peaceful vibes.

I’ve also spent many hours with my cousins. Mostly, we play games (I learned mahjong the other day) or I cuddle with their cats, but occasionally we’ll venture out of the apartment. The other evening, we ate our way through Raohe Night Market.

Orange is one of their four short-eared cats. They also have two bengal cats.

In other news: yesterday we decided to go to Shanghai to visit dad’s older brother, so we’re heading to China tomorrow. In other, other news: I got an iPad Pro today! (One of dad’s friend’s is some executive for Foxconn and he gifted me the newest iPad so yay for freebies.) In other, other, other news: we randomly happened upon a string instrument store today, so we walked in. I tried out so many cellos and will probably be purchasing a cello next week, once we get back from China!

That’s all for now. I’ll leave you with this picture of a dog on a moped (motorcycle?).



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