Next big trip…

Checking in on the blogsies. I’m currently planning my next big trip: Australia and New Zealand (well, TW and China too). I am beyond excited. A preview of some things I’ve already booked: 3 day liveaboard dive trip on the GBR, a visit to Hobbiton, a hostel featuring an indoor rock wall that’s near a trail head for the Tongariro Crossing, a trip to Zealandia, and a 5 day tramp along the Milford Track (one of NZ’s 9 Great Walks). I’ll be in the southern hemisphere for a total of 5 weeks. If I bring my laptop, I’ll post throughout Feb/March. If not, I’ll write when I get back in April.

In other news, I’m running again! After the marathon, I felt a dull, lingering pain along the outer side of my right foot. Whenever I stood up, the pain sharpened. A running hiatus for a solid three weeks, yoga, and stretching/rolling did the trick. I’ve been running these past two weeks completely pain free. My heart bursts with joy to be back out on some trails!

In other, other news, cello is going well. However traveling to Asia + AU + NZ will certainly hamper my progress. I’m finally getting into ‘real’ cello music and started the Prelude from Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1.

The other evening, Toto and I saw a beautiful sunset on our evening walk. I loved watching the sky burst into a million colors that remind me of Baskin-Robbins’ Rainbow Sherbet ice cream. Toto loved licking the wood on the dock. Hope everyone had refreshing, productive January and wishing all the eyes to see (and enjoy) the little, sweet moments in the day.



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