Grand is an appropriate adjective for the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon cannot be reduced to simply words and photographs. Regardless, I’m going try anyway. The Grand Canyon is kind of like a series of upside down mountains in that you get a panoramic, beautiful view from your starting elevation. With mountains, you have to climb UP the mountain to see everything. With the GC, you just pull over to the side of the road for phenomenal, expansive views. So it’s like the lazy person’s version of getting great “mountain” views. Woohoo!

Dad and I left Vegas for the Grand Canyon with a car full of cereal bars, Honolulu Cookie Company cookies, peanuts, and 3 oranges. We crossed into Mtn Time and gained about 4500 feet in elevation. It got dark about half-way through our drive, so I couldn’t tell we had gained that much elevation aside from having to equalize my ears once and the seemingly sudden appearance of snow on the side of the road. On our way into Tusayan, where we stayed, I looked out the window and saw SO MANY STARS. Because of Tusayan’s elevation and the fact that it’s Tusayan (aka pop. 550), there was hardly any light pollution. No dull orange on the horizon to outshine the stars. The only other place I’ve seen so many stars is in the Middle of Nowhere (HaMakuya), South Africa. (I say Middle of Nowhere fondly as HaMakuya is one of the most peaceful places I’ve ever visited.)

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Zion National Park

Happy centennial to the National Park Service! I’m going to celebrate by visiting as many National Parks as possible. First stop: Zion National Park. Michelle leaves for Atlanta today, which meant we only had part of Saturday and Sunday to travel before coming back to Vegas for her flight out. We picked Zion NP because it’s only a 2.5 hour drive.

We left LV late in the afternoon after a frenetic last day at CES. On the drive to Zion, we passed through 3 states (Nevada, Arizona, and Utah) and crossed a time zone (Mtn. time). We stayed in Springdale (population ~500), just outside of Zion for the night.

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CES 2016

This was my fifth* trip to Vegas, but my first to CES. The show was massive and it was spread across several different sites. It was a bit overwhelming and I didn’t get to see the stuff I was really interested in (healthcare related devices) until the last day.

At a glance, these are some of the big trends I saw at the show (I’m not paid or sponsored by any of the companies. Not even sure who actually reads this aside from Char, Robbie, and maybe Dr. Palmeri??):

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Bucket list: run a marathon

Crossed off a bucket list item just three days into the new year: run a marathon! It was my first (and maybe last) marathon. In short: I definitely wasn’t prepared for it, but somehow I finished.

I signed up for the marathon on a whim sometime last November. I had been running about 30 miles a week at the time. After I signed up, I maintained that mileage rather than increasing it (big mistake). Winter vacation came and went during which I did very little serious running. Then, all of a sudden, it was the new year. Excuses aside, I registered for it so I was going to run it.

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