2015 Book List

List of my reads this past year! Would recommend the titles in bold. Feel free to leave book suggestions below.

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San Francisco (Winter Vacation Part 3 of 3)

SF: tech mecca of the world! Although I didn’t do anything remotely related to the tech/startup scene, I did enjoy California’s great outdoors with some city on the side.

We took a red-eye from the islands to SF, arriving bright and early the following morning. We were greeted in the drought-racked state with RAIN. Although it was annoying to trek through the rain to get our rental car/get to the hotel (operating on ~3 hours of on-and-off sleep), I was happy to see CA finally get some water.

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Hawai’i, Hawaii (Winter Vacation Part 2 of 3)

The island of Hawai’i is home to an astounding number of ecosystems. There are beaches, rainforests on the windward side, a desert on the leeward side, the active volcano Kilauea, and an alpine climate at the summit of Mauna Kea. On Hawai’i, I needed clothing ranging from a swimming suit to a down jacket.

Back in the day, before the Americans annexed the Kingdom of Hawaii, the Hawaiian royalty made the island of Hawai’i their home base. Nowadays, the island of Hawai’i is often called the Big Island to avoid confusion with the state name Hawaii. Even before our plane touched down, the island felt different from Oahu. The remains of lava flow spread out across the ground into black and grey rocky formations.

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Oahu, Hawaii (Winter Vacation Part 1 of 3)

I’m back from a trip out to the islands of Hawaii and subsequently San Francisco. I’m splitting the trip into three posts: Oahu, Hawai’i (the Big Island), and SF. I’m sitting at the kitchen table with a Toto at my feet, NY Philharmonic on TV, and a cup of tea at my fingertips. There is a certain lovely joy in the comforts of home, just as there is in movement and travel.

We arrived in Honolulu on the afternoon of the 13th and drove out to Disney’s Aulani Hotel, west of the airport. It’s a delightful resort built with attention to detail (on the Hawaiian and Polynesian culture) that one comes to expect from Disney. After climbing 12 flights of stairs to our hotel room (the elevators just happened to be out of service when we arrived), we called it a night.

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