Jacksonville Boat Parade: boats, lights, and an overheated engine

We took the boat out to downtown Jacksonville to watch the boat parade last night. On our way, we picked up our ex-next door neighbors, who moved to a different house on the St. Johns River. Boating to downtown went smoothly as we cruised along the river.

It was kind of stressful docking the boat since the river near downtown is too deep to anchor. Dad and Mr. Jeff managed to dock on one of the banks despite the strong current. The boat parade itself was awesome! My favorite boat was decorated with minions and played sounds from the Minion movie. I loved the boats that played music to match their lights.

On the way home, one of the engines went out due to overheating. Luckily the Bilottis live close to where the engine shut down, so we chugged very slowly on the remaining engine back to their dock and they drove us home. Their boat perpetually has problems and Mr. Jeff joked, “how about I’ll follow you home with my boat, and then you can follow me home with your boat, and then…” Dad went back this morning to pick up the boat, which was still having problems. He thinks something was sucked up into something because the bilge (or something like that?) wasn’t (or was??) expelling water. (Clearly I’m very knowledgeable about the technical workings of jet boat engines.) Dad’s obviously disappointed in the performance of the boat since it’s not even two years old. Minus a thousand points for jet boats. Well, there’s never a dull moment!


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