University of Colorado (CU Anschutz)

Life goals: move to Colorado. Subsequent post on my adventures near Denver coming soon. I had a lovely day interviewing at CU on Friday. All interviewees had two interviews (both in the morning). We also had presentations on financial aid, curriculum, and the Colorado Springs campus (MS3 students do their main clinical year in Colorado Springs where they follow a ‘portfolio’ of patients longitudinally rather than spending 2-3 weeks for each specific rotation). My second interview was with a MS4 student who also went to Duke for undergrad. I wonder if the admissions committee did that on purpose.

Pros: Colorado! The vibe out west is completely different from the East Coast. Ang asked if that’s because, “they’re all high.” I hope not. The community seems very collaborative, concomitant with the vibe I got. The area around the Anschutz medical campus is bike friendly. They have “tracks” that allow students to focus on a specific area in medicine. One track is on leadership, advocacy, education, etc. Basically, it focuses on training physicians who are aware of the social determinants of health and will make decisions that empower people in the community to make the best health decisions. They have nice facilities. Sunshine! Basically everything about Colorado (sun, mountains, climbing, trail running) is a plus–I’ll collectively classify these things as cultivating mental health 😉

Con: The biggest con is the price tag. Tuition for non-sponsored students (their term for out of state) is scary expensive. My interviewer (who did not attend medical school at CU) said you don’t get double the benefits from a school that is twice as expensive (say compared to a FL in-state tuition). Other cons are that you still need a car (as bike-friendly as the campus is, cars are still necessary to get to rotations, to Boulder for trail running or out to the Rockies), large student body (184 students), and tests are on Monday.


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