Case Western Interview (University Track)

Back from Cleveland and my interview at Case. I interviewed for the University Track, which is their 4 year traditional MD program. Didn’t get to see much of Cleveland, but I wasn’t too impressed with the limited parts I saw. Then again, places can grow on me given time. Had a very friendly host student.

Pros: I loved the IQ teams, which is Case’s small group (7-8 students) learning sessions. They put a hypothetical patient case on the board and walk through the case–everyone contributes by discussing disease pathways, functions of different proteins, cells, etc., and medical treatment side effects. This was definitely a HUGE plus for Case. Students are tested at the END of a block (blocks can last 11-14 weeks no including the first block), which means students aren’t stressed about studying for a test every weekend. Time management skills required. Truly pass/fail pre-clinical work (no internal ranking system, e.g. student is in x percentile of class).

Cons: Cars are still necessary for daily life and de facto required to get to hospitals for rotations. This is a big bummer because the major draw of moving to a city would be to ditch my car…especially if I have to give up nice, suburban running trails for streets. I saw a lot of cars park in designated bike lanes (what??) and two student recently got into pretty major accidents while cycling to school. Other cons that are not as major: large class size (170 students per class), older facilities, it’s cold (this one isn’t really that fair since I’d adjust).

Missed Duke’s homecoming since I bought my plane ticket before I remembered HC was this past weekend. What a bummer! But Duke beat BC 9-7. Woohoo!!


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