I arrived in Atlanta on Thursday. Because my host student was studying, I laced up my shoes for a shake out run and explored the surrounding Emory area. I ran in Lullwater park, which has trails like the WaDuke. Also ran by the School of Medicine and accidentally found myself on some sort of greek row right as I needed to spit. Completely unintentional, I promise! Oops.

IMG_4596 IMG_4598

After my Emory interview, I met my family. Michelle drove from Athens so we could celebrate dad’s birthday! (She also had ultimate practice on Saturday in Atlanta.) We went to a square in Decatur where mom had made reservations at a Tapas restaurant. Michelle and I had a pre-dinner ice cream snack from Jeni’s.


I went home with Ang and spent all of Saturday with her. I got the deets on her new project at McKins, Sebastian, and everything that has been going on since April. Kristina’s PI moved to GaTech this semester so Kristina moved in with Ang in August. More accurate statement: Kristina moved into the apartment that Ang uses as storage since Ang is only there once a month. Mauricio was visiting Kristina so the four of us chatted before Ang and I turned in for the night.

On Saturday morning, we were up around 8. Matt visited (he happened to be in town to visit his new niece) before we all separated for lunch. (May or may not have ticked off Matt because I wasn’t very responsive in letting him know when he could visit Ang and Kristina. To be fair, I didn’t just want to invite him over to someone else’s apartment.) Ang and I went to Ormbsy’s, which is a neat bar/restaurant that has a ton of games (bocce ball, skee ball, darts, etc.) that you can play while you wait for your food. The area where Ormsby’s is located is really nice. The exposed brick architecture reminds me of Durham. After lunch, we went to Sweetwater Creek State Park for a hike. We climbed over rocks in the river, explored the remains of a building that was supposedly filmed in one of the Hunger Games movies (haven’t seem them), and hiked. I learned that I’m not allergic to bee stings! The hike was taking longer than anticipated, so we ran the last 2 miles to make it back in time for dinner with Kristina.

IMG_4609 IMG_4615 IMG_4617 IMG_4623

The three of us picked up dinner from a burger place near the apartment. Kristina went back to do work while Ang and I went to a part of the Atlanta BeltLine for a comedy improv show called Dad’s Garage. The BeltLine is a city beautification project that is in the process of transforming rail lines that circle the city into parks. Kind of like the HighLine, but not elevated. The comedy show was great and family friendly. My favorite skits were (1) when they borrowed an audience member’s phone and one performer could only say lines from the audience member’s text messages and (2) when they performed a skit borrowing a dog from the audience. It was a full day, but all great fun! Sunday morning, Ang and Kristina drove me to Sweet Hut, a Chinese bakery where we met my parents for breakfast. Have a great week everyone! I have a rest week in FL followed by interviews at Case Western, University of Colorado, and FAU + a trip to Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival with Lexie, Catherine, and Taylor.


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