Diving near Key Largo: Christmas Tree Cave and Benwood wreck

Spent yesterday in Key Largo diving with dad. We arrived on Friday night and found some public tennis courts. It was great to relieve some of the tension from my FIU interview day. After, we caught a great sunset on our hotel’s beach.

IMG_4535 IMG_4539

On Saturday morning, we had an early start so we could get to the dive shop (Sail Fish Scuba, if ya’ll are interested) by 7:30. They fitted us with gear that we didn’t already have. We arrived before the other divers and found out that the two other divers in our group were special because there was going to be a surprise proposal!!!

The original plan was to dive around the Molasses Reef, but there was a very strong current that morning. Instead, we went to Christmas Tree Cave. There was a really neat swim through. I saw a trumpet fish, a monster-looking crab, and some beautiful parrot fish. (Dad was carrying the camera and didn’t take pictures of any of these things, oops!) As we ascended, a swarm of jellyfish just passed through the waters. I was very careful in avoiding the jellies. This was my first dive in over a year, so I definitely had fun with ‘zero-g.’ I love the brain coral. It’s interesting how so many things in nature look alike.

IMG_5761 IMG_5773 IMG_5775 IMG_5779 IMG_5789 IMG_5804

For our second dive, we went to Benwood wreck, which was where Leo proposed to his girlfriend Donna. They are both from Venezuela but have been living and working in Miami for some time. Donna had NO CLUE that Leo was going to propose to her that day. We dove around the wreck and our divemaster Chris said he was going to take pictures for us in front of the wreck. As he was ‘taking the picture,’ Leo got down on one knee (no easy feat 42 feet underwater) and proposed. It was adorable! When we surfaced, Donna said, “I can’t believe he had the ring box open! I kept thinking, close the box, close the box or else the ring will float away!!”

IMG_5820 IMG_5824 IMG_5837 IMG_5847 IMG_5857

I feel like everywhere I go, I meet warm, happy, lovely people. It was truly adorable to see Leo’s underwater proposal to Donna (she said yes). I love the ocean as much as I love the high peaks of mountains. “Life is Good” pretty much sums up how I feel about both oceans and mountains. Hope everyone can spread some happiness and love in your neighborhoods by doing what you love and enjoying each day. My favorite season, fall, is coming and I can feel it in the air.


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