I arrived in Atlanta on Thursday. Because my host student was studying, I laced up my shoes for a shake out run and explored the surrounding Emory area. I ran in Lullwater park, which has trails like the WaDuke. Also ran by the School of Medicine and accidentally found myself on some sort of greek row right as I needed to spit. Completely unintentional, I promise! Oops.

IMG_4596 IMG_4598

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Emory interview

Emory was great. There were some pluses and minuses, but overall, I had a great experience. I am extremely grateful that I even had the opportunity to interview at Emory!! I stayed overnight with an Emory host student because the interview on Friday started at 7:30. The M1 students had an exam on Friday, so my host student wasn’t that accessible. When I arrived, I ran around Lullwater park, to the school of medicine building, and across parts of the campus.

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FIU interview

Dad and I drove down to Miami on Thursday for my FIU interview. We drove down together so we could go diving together on Saturday in the Keys (more on that in the subsequent post). The FIU interview started later in the day at 10:30. The overall batch of applicants were much more talkative and friendly than the group I interviewed with at USF. Right off the bat, I saw someone who looked familiar. Turns out we went to the same HS, although he is 2 years younger than me. After we made that connection, I saw a girl who looked very familiar too. When we did group introductions, I found out she is (currently) also a Duke student!

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