Wedding, shadowing, and a crafternoon

I spent last weekend in State College, PA for Daria and Collin’s wedding. It was a small ceremony–only 42 guests total–but it was very nice. The wedding was held in Collin’s grandparent’s garden. I had a great time catching up with Jess and meeting Greg. There were two other Dukies, but I don’t particularly like either of them, so I mostly spent time with Jess, Greg, and whatever time I could with the lovely bride. Collin’s grandfather and I talked about diving, and he showed me pictures of some of his dives. There were two large portraits in their living room of Collin’s great-great-insert several more greats-grandmother and grandfather. This ancestral grandfather was one of the founding members of West Virginia during its split from VA during the Civil War. I think it is really cool to have this sort of history behind your family in the States.

Daria's bridesmaids, Alex, Daria, and Collin
Daria’s bridesmaids, Alex, Daria, and Collin

This past week, I’ve been shadowing Dr. Hanel, an endovascular neurosurgeon with Lyerly. I saw several procedures like diagnostic angiograms and endovascular embolizations (coiling). It’s incredible how he is able to snake a catheter through the vessels from the groin to the brain. One surgery I saw last week was a carotid endarterectomy. An incision, about 1.5-2 inches long is made near the blocked up carotid in the patient’s neck. He exposes the carotid artery, ties off the ends to prevent blood flow, slices open the artery, and scrapes out the plaque blocking the artery. This patient’s piece of plaque looked huge–a yellow cylindrical mass about 1 inch in length! Yuck! The artery and skin are both sewn right back up. Dr. Hanel is really goofy, very patient, and out-of-this-world skilled.

I’ve been wanting to paint, and yesterday I finally had the chance to dig out my old acrylics for a crafternoon. I’ve been missing the mountains, so I decided to paint the Matterhorn. Here are some snapshots (and final) of the process:

IMG_4307 IMG_4308 IMG_4309

I want to paint some lemons next! I’m imagining a plain, deep/royal blue background with bright yellow lemons–two colors that bring me back to the Amalfi coast.


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