Swimming under the full moon

Yesterday, the lab had a little dinner picnic and some of us went swimming in Lac Léman followed by baguettes (of course) with dried meats and tomme and pita bread with hummus and tzatziki. Soccer and volleyball followed by more swimming. The moon was bright and full and the moonlight shimmered as it reflected off the water. The mountains are huge. I don’t know how to describe swimming in the lake under a full moon with an epic backdrop of mountains. I felt so happy. As we were swimming, Thomas asked me, “so why are you leaving Switzerland again?” I ask myself this question almost everyday too. The summer air was so warm that after we got out of the lake, I didn’t feel cold. It was a perfect summer evening.

Swans on Lac Léman + full moon


IMG_3991 IMG_4005

Earlier in the day, I went hiking at Creux du Van near Neuchâtel. Starting from Noiraigue, I hiked up to Les Oeuillons and to Le Soliat. Had great views of the semi circle rock cliff.

IMG_0085 IMG_0094 IMG_0102 IMG_3974 IMG_3979


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