Hiking: Dent de Vaulion

Séverine and I went hiking today. We headed East to the Swiss Jura and climbed to the top of Dent de Vaulion. From there, we had great views of three lakes: Lac Léman, Lac de Neuchâtel, and Lac de Joux. It was a little cloudy, but overall, it was a very pleasant walk. Love the rolling hills, abundant trees, and tranquil lakes. The smell of cow pies was strong though.

The little yellow flower is called bouton d’or in French. Sev explained that if you hold it up to your chin and a yellow glow reflects off your chin, you like butter. I like butter. But I definitely didn’t need a flower to tell me that. 😛

I also learned that an afternoon snack is called un goûter, which makes sense because goûter means “to taste.” A snack that Sev likes to eat is a row of chocolate from a chocolate bar smushed between bread (e.g. baguette). Seemed a little funny at first, but now that I think about it, the snack consists of (1) chocolate and (2) bread. What’s not to love?

IMG_0221 IMG_0224 IMG_0226 IMG_0227 IMG_0228 IMG_0229 IMG_3722


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