Hiking in Switzerland: sentier des narcisses

I’m so happy I had a rest weekend in Switzerland. Traveling and adventuring can be tiring! I didn’t want to squander away the entire weekend doing “nothing” so I grabbed my tennis shoes and took the 30 min train ride to Montreux. From there, I started walking through the old village until I found any of the yellow/red/white hiking signs and took the first trail that looked interesting. That turned out to be a set of stairs that led me to Glion. From Glion, I picked (again, randomly) a trail called sentier des narcisses. This trail led me through some open pasture areas, into the forest, past some cows, and to a loud, powerful river. Only met one other hiker along the way. This hike wasn’t one with spectacular mountain views. It was more of one of those quiet hikes in the woods with plenty of greenish/yellow sunshine peeking through trees, the chatter of birds, and the occasionally the loud rush of water. I really enjoyed this hike. I like being able to hear my breath–yes, I’m alive.

Started from Montreux
Up 1000 stairs to get to Glion
sentier des narcisses
“Nature always wears the colors of the spirit.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson
loud water
Lac Léman
Looming clouds over Lac Léman

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