Hiking: Dent de Vaulion

Séverine and I went hiking today. We headed East to the Swiss Jura and climbed to the top of Dent de Vaulion. From there, we had great views of three lakes: Lac Léman, Lac de Neuchâtel, and Lac de Joux. It was a little cloudy, but overall, it was a very pleasant walk. Love the rolling hills, abundant trees, and tranquil lakes. The smell of cow pies was strong though.

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LWI: get comfortable with discomfort

This week’s goal is to push boundaries and get outside my comfort zone. For me, this means pushing myself on those last set of hill repeats even if it really burns. It means talking to new people. It means being ok with not knowing my next step after Switzerland. What about you?

Nobody ever came back from Italy and lost weight: Naples and Amalfi

I just came back from a little slice of heaven on Earth. I traveled to Naples and Amalfi with my friend Alba, her boyfriend Francesco, and three other people from the lab. Having two native Italians from the area made the trip wonderfully unique as I got to see their favorite places to eat and see and do as the Neapolitans do! Not to mention, having them around made traveling and communication easy peasy lemon squeezy.

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LWI: do small things with great love; UPDATE: If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all

This week I’m channeling Mother Teresa and focusing on all the little things. Pay attention to all the little things life has given us and give thanks. Act with love and compassion whether that’s sharing a coffee with friends, working in the clean room, or even just getting on the subway. Every action is an opportunity to love the world and its creatures.

Updated 5/17/15 at 3:44 PM

I woke up this morning in a bad mood. When I picked out the phrase of the week, the first phrase I picked out was “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Feeling grumpy, I thought, “NO I’m not going to do that this week.”

Well I met up with Char, Em, Nick, and Nick’s mom for a picnic this afternoon. I mentioned this little, um, happening this morning. Then I realized how hypocritical that was of me. So this week’s LWI phrase is if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything nice at all. (Taking ownership, as Char so kindly put it.) This week is focused on being a nice person. Inhale positivity, exhale negativity. Just exhale it silently.

Athens and Hydra

Thursday was a jour férié (day off) for the Ascension. Alors, j’a fait le pont! “Faire le pont” is an expression that refers to taking a day off to make a long weekend. In this case, I took Friday off for a long weekend! Thursday morning, I hopped on a 7 AM Swiss Air flight to Athens.

Greece is beautiful! Athens is a bustling, crowded city. I was surprised by the cleanliness and efficiency of Athen’s subway system. The weathered marble used in many of the city’s ancient structures is rather slippery. This trip also made me realize how MUCH Swiss people smoke!! It was refreshing to walk outside without having to inhale a breath of second-hand smoke every 10 m.

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Hiking in Switzerland: sentier des narcisses

I’m so happy I had a rest weekend in Switzerland. Traveling and adventuring can be tiring! I didn’t want to squander away the entire weekend doing “nothing” so I grabbed my tennis shoes and took the 30 min train ride to Montreux. From there, I started walking through the old village until I found any of the yellow/red/white hiking signs and took the first trail that looked interesting. That turned out to be a set of stairs that led me to Glion. From Glion, I picked (again, randomly) a trail called sentier des narcisses. This trail led me through some open pasture areas, into the forest, past some cows, and to a loud, powerful river. Only met one other hiker along the way. This hike wasn’t one with spectacular mountain views. It was more of one of those quiet hikes in the woods with plenty of greenish/yellow sunshine peeking through trees, the chatter of birds, and the occasionally the loud rush of water. I really enjoyed this hike. I like being able to hear my breath–yes, I’m alive.

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