Had a great weekend in Copenhagen. I left Lausanne early Saturday morning and arrived around 10:30. When I arrived, I walked along Strøget, the main commercial street and wandered down many of the side streets. While meandering, I stumbled upon the best store I’ve been to in Europe thus far. Yes, I used the superlative. It’s called The Yogurt Shop and they literally sell three things: plain 10% fat yogurt, plain low fat yogurt, and plain yogurt soft serve. You pick your version of plain yogurt, one of the homemade jams, and toppings. They had about 7 or 8 homemade fruit jams and they all sounded delicious. The yogurt was thick but also extremely smooth (not like that Chobani stuff you get at the supermarket). A little seed was planted into my mind…what if I (eventually) opened my own yogurt store? I would also only sell plain yogurt (not sure how difficult it is to make yogurt…) and jams for the yogurt. I would have a variety of fruit toppings, muesli, granola, nuts, etc. I love yogurt far beyond what is considered “normal” so I’m not sure this would actually be able to make it in the States.

10% fat plain yogurt with strawberry-rhubarb jam topped with muesli, unsalted almonds, and blueberries

Well after eating yogurt, almost crying from happiness, and eating more yogurt, I walked to Nyhavn, the picturesque canal of Copenhagen. Then I went to Conditori La Glace to try their hot chocolate (not spectacular…Angelina’s in Paris is way better). I climbed the Rundetårn, which was an observatory in the 17th century, and walked North to see The Little Mermaid Statue.

The Round Tower
The Little Mermaid statue

I’ve been increasing my running mileage, which has led me to wake up earlier. This is fine and dandy, however on Sunday mornings, most places are closed. I wanted to visit Den Blå Planet (the aquarium) however they didn’t open till 10:00. I tried sleeping in, but by 6:30, I couldn’t sleep in any longer. I got out of bed and ready for the day. I took the metro out to the aquarium, and found they didn’t open till 10:00. With 2 hours to burn, I decided to walk. Den Blå Planet is located on a straight (øresund) that separates Denmark and Sweden. As I walked along the coast of øresund, I reached a little beach. There was a dock leading right into the Straight with a half-circle wooden structure. The wooden structure had stairs leading right into the water, and there were actually people swimming!! (It was about 30F on land and I didn’t have any desire to find out the temperature of the water.) I forgot how much I missed smelling the salty sea air. It’s funny how mountain air is extremely refreshing, but in a completely different way from sea air.

Den Blå Planet aquarium, before it was ope (and in the early morning before the clouds decided to cover the sun)
Random beach!!
Wooden structure thing going right into øresund with stairs leading down into the water.

Well, after visiting the aquarium, I went to the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek and saw some art. I enjoyed Van Gogh’s Landscape from Saint-Remy. Walked around The Botanical Gardens I took a late flight out of Copenhagen and got back to Lausanne at 1 in the morning…thankfully I didn’t have to go to work today because we had our lab day-retreat, which you can read about in the following post!


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