Noise pollution

Sometime last week, I had a realization that my surroundings are loud. I can’t remember what triggered this realization, but all of a sudden, everything seemed so loud. The subway was loud, the cars were loud, peoples’ conversations were just plain loud. I thought my perception of noise would shift back to normal the following day, but it didn’t, so I bought some earplugs. The first time I wore them I was walking from the metro stop back to my apartment (10 min uphill walk). Two thoughts popped up:

(1) Sweet, sweet silence!

(2) Wow, is that really my breathing? Is this what fetuses hear?

It’s weird, yet calming to hear your own breathing when you’re walking around a loud city. If you’re a diver, I think you’ll know what I’m talking about. It’s the same feeling as when you have the regulator in your mouth and you’re floating, almost flying, through the water with the world above and around you.

I wonder what caused my brain to become hyper aware of all the noise…well, for now, I’ll stick to the earplugs.


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