I went to Venice last Wednesday through Friday. It was possibly the most exhausting vacation I’ve ever taken. Let me back up a few steps…

Swiss children have a 1 week vacation in February, also known as ski vacation. My American friends Kate and Chris, who are probably moving back to the States within the next two months, wanted to take their family to Venice before they left Europe. The kids’ ski break seemed like the perfect time to do it. However, they needed a helper (that would be me). Why? Because they have 5 kids: ages 6, 4, 2, and twins at 4 months.

Well, I’ll cut to the chase–we visited the Rialto bridge, the Doge’s palace, St. Mark’s Basilica, and Murano. We used baby carriers (Chris with the 2 yr old while Kate and I had the twins) instead of the stroller because bridges make the stroller a hassle. Carrying a baby all day is pretty tiring. We dealt with emergency potty breaks, crying babies, kids scooting around on their backs and butts at all the tourist attractions, losing the 4 year old in a crowd of people and pigeons in Piazza San Marco, and the best of all, messy mouths and hands after devouring gelato. I still don’t know how Kate and Chris do this day in and day out.

I didn’t take too many pictures because I was busy trying to keep the baby happy.

Grand Canal
Don’t fall into the water!!

In other news, I have to make a decision. About a month ago, Stéphanie offered for me to stay in the lab until December. Once my fellowship ends in July, she would fund me for the rest of the year. I’m tired of research though. I want to try something different for my remaining year before medical school. However, this would be a nice option because (1) I would have a boss who is flexible in allowing me to travel (hopefully, for interviews) and (2) I would get to stay in Switzerland/continue my European adventures. So now the question is do I leave for the “unknown”*/try something different since I’m tired of research or do I stay in Switzerland with Stéphanie until December doing something that’s meh but secure?

What to do, what to do?


*I have so many plans for the “unknown” option. They range from the more traditional like attempting to work for health care related startups (although it’s harder to find stuff like this since it would be short-term…but I already sent in some applications) to non-traditional things like working on a farm in Vancouver or working with dolphins or attending pastry school.


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