Lab snowshoeing retreat: Leysin

Hi again! As I mentioned in the last post, we had our lab day-retreat in Leysin today, organized by Hadrien! Almost everyone made it–we were only missing one PhD student and one post-doc. In total, we were 15 people!

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Had a great weekend in Copenhagen. I left Lausanne early Saturday morning and arrived around 10:30. When I arrived, I walked along Strøget, the main commercial street and wandered down many of the side streets. While meandering, I stumbled upon the best store I’ve been to in Europe thus far. Yes, I used the superlative. It’s called The Yogurt Shop and they literally sell three things: plain 10% fat yogurt, plain low fat yogurt, and plain yogurt soft serve. You pick your version of plain yogurt, one of the homemade jams, and toppings. They had about 7 or 8 homemade fruit jams and they all sounded delicious. The yogurt was thick but also extremely smooth (not like that Chobani stuff you get at the supermarket). A little seed was planted into my mind…what if I (eventually) opened my own yogurt store? I would also only sell plain yogurt (not sure how difficult it is to make yogurt…) and jams for the yogurt. I would have a variety of fruit toppings, muesli, granola, nuts, etc. I love yogurt far beyond what is considered “normal” so I’m not sure this would actually be able to make it in the States.

10% fat plain yogurt with strawberry-rhubarb jam topped with muesli, unsalted almonds, and blueberries

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Noise pollution

Sometime last week, I had a realization that my surroundings are loud. I can’t remember what triggered this realization, but all of a sudden, everything seemed so loud. The subway was loud, the cars were loud, peoples’ conversations were just plain loud. I thought my perception of noise would shift back to normal the following day, but it didn’t, so I bought some earplugs. The first time I wore them I was walking from the metro stop back to my apartment (10 min uphill walk). Two thoughts popped up:

(1) Sweet, sweet silence!

(2) Wow, is that really my breathing? Is this what fetuses hear?

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Unsupervised Lexie and Kristie eat a ton of sugar

I had the pleasure of hosting Lexie this past weekend. She went on the UF MBA spring break trip to the UAE and made her return flight a multi-destination trip so she could stop by Switzerland.

Since leaving Duke, I’ve kept my sweet tooth relatively in check. (Can’t gorge on my daily dose of Twinnie’s or BXP’s giant cookies…) Well, the sweet tooth was revived this weekend when Lexie came to visit!

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I went to Venice last Wednesday through Friday. It was possibly the most exhausting vacation I’ve ever taken. Let me back up a few steps…

Swiss children have a 1 week vacation in February, also known as ski vacation. My American friends Kate and Chris, who are probably moving back to the States within the next two months, wanted to take their family to Venice before they left Europe. The kids’ ski break seemed like the perfect time to do it. However, they needed a helper (that would be me). Why? Because they have 5 kids: ages 6, 4, 2, and twins at 4 months.

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