Chateau-d’Oex: third time’s the charm

Despite my previous two failures on trips to Chateau-d’Oex, I decided to go back this weekend. I know I’m crazy. The reason for this trip was Rallye du Goût, an event hosted by the tourist office where you snowshoe and taste local products (cheese, sausage, wine, honey, more cheese, and syrups) at different stations along the path. The event was a combination of my two favorite things: the outdoors and food.

It started snowing hard yesterday morning, so I was a little worried that the event would be canceled. But, as night fell, the snow stopped. It turned out to be a lovely evening. Guess third time’s the charm!

Selfie on the suspension bridge we took to cross a river
A lamp to light the snowshoeing path

I went with my Italian friends Alba and Francesco. We tasted ~14 different cheeses and 8 types of sausage (beef, sheep, and pork) over a 3K snowshoeing path. My favorite products were (1) a really salty hard cheese called L’Etivaz AOP jeune, (2) a soft cheese called Tomme Fleurette, (3) salted butter from Mont-Chevreuil + bread, and (4) Elderberry syrup (sirop sureau noir). Yeah, I ate way more than my fair share of salted butter and bread.

The view at one of the stops
Alba, Paul de neige, and I

Snowshoeing was not as cool as I expected it to be. It’s just walking in the snow with devices strapped to your shoes. However, it was great fun to play in the snow, and the surrounding scenery was epic.

The spread at one of the tasting stops
Buche finlandaise (the name of a log cut in this style) lighting the path back to the starting point

On a different note, Francesco and I were talking about dogs and the topic of owning a dog came up. To own a dog in Switzerland, you must pay an annual dog tax and dog training is compulsory. I looked this up:

Persons who became responsible for looking after a dog after 1 September 2008 must, in the year following the acquisition of the dog, obtain a certificate proving that they can keep control of their dog in everyday situations (practical course).


Now I know why all the dogs here are so well-behaved!! Mandatory dog training to ensure well-behaved dogs seems like such a stereotypical Swiss thing. Man, there are a lot of rules here.


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