Skiing in the Swiss Alps and a failed hot-air balloon excursion

Our original plan for this weekend was to attend Chateau-d’Oex’s  37th hot-air balloon festival. The culminating event, Night Glow, was supposed to start at 6:55 PM, so we took a train at 4:20 PM. When we arrived, the town was suspiciously empty. There were barely any visitors wandering the streets. After a short 15 minute walk to the field, our suspicions were confirmed by a piece of A4 paper taped to a chalet: “Night glow canceled due to snow.”

Wow. What a disappointment. Mind you, this was the SECOND time we had gone to Chateau-d’Oex, only to be disappointed by the lack of activity (no hot-air balloons, no snowshoeing). Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. But a quintessential Charlotte-and-Kristie-travel-story. #WeTried

(Note: we were with three other people, so the odds that things would work out were greater than average.)

But there was a random live band (wearing viking hats) that performed at a small square in Chateau-d’Oex.

BUT, this weekend was completely redeemed by our ski trip today!! On Thursday, Emily told Char and I about a Groupon for ski rentals/lift tickets in Leysin, a town about an hour away. We jumped onto that deal and made our way to Leysin early this morning. Visibility was poor, save for a 20 minute period during which we were inside getting fitted with shoes/skis. The trails were covered with what must have been 2 feet of the fluffiest, most pristine powder I have ever seen. Charlotte’s description was on point: it felt like we were skiing off-piste. There was such an immense layer of powder that falling (as I consistently did) felt like falling into a feather bed. Our day was cut short though, due to an avalanche warning. Skiing in the Swiss Alps is truly an experience. Again, borrowing from Charlotte, “I feel like after skiing here, I will never be satisfied with the snow anywhere else.” Yep.

The one picture I took before it started to snow.
Getting our rentals
Les Fers à Choulet


IMG_1363Also, Go Seahawks!



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