In which Charlotte and I ride a 1h30 train to saunter through a graveyard

Dear Switzerland,

Where’s the snow?


Charlotte and I wanted to go skiing this weekend at Chateau-d’Oex, an easy 1h30 min train ride from Lausanne. There hasn’t been much snow in Switzerland thus far, which is obviously bad-news-bears for the little ski towns and all the people who want to go skiing. But there has been some snow. Sherbs and I figured we could at least go snowshoeing, if skiing wasn’t a possibility. So on Sunday, we made our way out to Chateau-d’Oex. Unfortunately, when we arrived, we were informed that neither skiing nor snowshoeing were possible due to lack of snow.

Now we didn’t want to make the trip completely useless, so we walked around the town (which took all of 10 minutes), climbed to the top of a hill, and walked through a graveyard. Having explored the entire surrounding area within an hour, we took the next train back to Lausanne. You win some, you lose some.

Charlotte’s power stance on the very, very snowy path up a GIANT hill.

Walking through the graveyard reminded me of something I read recently. My sister gave me Fragile Things by Neil Gaiman for Christmas, which I read on the plane back to CH. In his short story “October in the Chair,” Gaiman writes:

There were dozens of stones of all sizes in the small meadow. Tall stones, bigger than either of the boys, and small ones, just the right size for sitting on. There were some broken stones. The Runt knew what sort of place this was, but it did not scare him. It was a loved place.

Graveyards are commonly depicted as haunted, scary places, but I prefer Gaiman’s description: “it was a loved place.”


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