Appenzell: St. Gallen’s doughnut filling

I went home with Elvira this past weekend to the canton of St. Gallen. Saturday, we took a bus, a train, and another bus to Santis in Appenzell, the canton completely surrounded by St. Gallen. The peak revealed some spectacular views like this:


and this:

IMG_1283and this:

IMG_1284I spent Sunday with Sherbs in Zurich. There was a race and we cheered on some runners–woohoo!! Surprisingly, some stores were open on Sunday. The storekeeper of a boutique that we walked into thought we were Swiss because we were “so shy.” Apparently we’ve done well in assimilating to the rule-abiding, reserved Swiss culture. Not sure how I feel about that…

Well, I’m feeling lazy so that’s all for now.


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