Pepper spray works

Disclaimer: This blog post has neither intellectual nor creative value. It is simply here to document a day in the life…of incredible stupidity.

Recently I’ve gotten into the habit of running when it’s almost dark in order to avoid the heat. As a safety precaution, I carry pepper spray. It has been almost two years since I purchased the pepper spray, and I thought it would be a good idea to test it out…just to make sure it still works. I thought today would be the ideal day to test it since I figured that the rain would:

(1) Neutralize any rogue pepper spray particulates

(b) Result in fewer runners who might pass by

 I sprayed it towards the ground, and sure enough, it worked. 

Satisfied, I continued on with my run. But about five minutes later, I couldn’t resist acknowledging a peculiar itching sensation in my hand holding the pepper spray. Then it turned to a tingling/burning feeling. That’s not good. I think residual pepper spray on the nozzle was transferred to my hand. An hour after my run, I could no longer go with the “oh it’ll go away by itself” thought process. My hand was burning beyond belief. 

Thankfully Grant had some milk. So I dunked my hand, like an oreo, into a bowl of cold milk… and sweet, sweet relief ensued. GUYS-milk is bomb-dot-com!!

Moral of the story: Pepper spray works. And my supposed “safety precaution” has inflicted more pain than it has helped protect. 

Pepper Spray: 1
Kristie: 0



Milk Treatment

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