Two of every kind

Tonight I learned the significance behind having two of every kind of animal in the Noah’s Ark story, but in a different light…

I finally made some time to get back to the Arduino Door unlocker project. Yay! I thought I would start things off by testing out the Servo library and trying to get my servo to turn. Should be pretty simple, I thought.

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Just Finished Reading

Just finished Oryx and Crake, a book which I thought, at best, could be called mediocre. Yet, there were still a few rare compelling phrases and ideas…My favorite part of the book came just two pages before the end:

Can a single ant be said to be alive, in any meaningful sense of the word, or does it only have relevance in terms of its anthill? An old conundrum of Crake’s.

Does this metaphor apply to humans? Are we alive only when we have a purpose to the rest of society? (And if so, what does this mean for those who choose paths of complete solitude?) To what extent does society play a role in our lives and vice versa? I often hear phrase, from peers and myself, I’m trying to find my major/niches/post-grad plans/job/purpose in life/etc. It’s a quest that pervades epochs and cultures. The timeless question. But this quote begs the question, which I ask myself and you, can a single person be said to be alive only in relevance of society?

Pepper spray works

Disclaimer: This blog post has neither intellectual nor creative value. It is simply here to document a day in the life…of incredible stupidity.

Recently I’ve gotten into the habit of running when it’s almost dark in order to avoid the heat. As a safety precaution, I carry pepper spray. It has been almost two years since I purchased the pepper spray, and I thought it would be a good idea to test it out…just to make sure it still works. I thought today would be the ideal day to test it since I figured that the rain would:

(1) Neutralize any rogue pepper spray particulates

(b) Result in fewer runners who might pass by

 I sprayed it towards the ground, and sure enough, it worked. 

Satisfied, I continued on with my run. But about five minutes later, I couldn’t resist acknowledging a peculiar itching sensation in my hand holding the pepper spray. Then it turned to a tingling/burning feeling. That’s not good. I think residual pepper spray on the nozzle was transferred to my hand. An hour after my run, I could no longer go with the “oh it’ll go away by itself” thought process. My hand was burning beyond belief. 

Thankfully Grant had some milk. So I dunked my hand, like an oreo, into a bowl of cold milk… and sweet, sweet relief ensued. GUYS-milk is bomb-dot-com!!

Moral of the story: Pepper spray works. And my supposed “safety precaution” has inflicted more pain than it has helped protect. 

Pepper Spray: 1
Kristie: 0



Milk Treatment