Getting locked out of my room…on the fourth day here

About 30 minutes ago, I did something really stupid. I was sitting at my desk eating Nilla wafers. When I had eaten way more than my share of cookies, I decided to put them back in the kitchenette. As I was leaving my room, I gently kicked back my door…and it shut. In that moment, I had this sinking feeling since I knew my door was still locked from the inside. Uh-oh.

First I borrowed a housemate’s phone to call Emma, who has an extra key. Of course she didn’t pick up. Then I tried climbing onto the roof, which was no problem. Unfortunately all five of my windows were locked. Tragic!

Window ledge that I climbed onto in order to gain access to the roof.
One of my many windows that has easy roof access…which was unfortunately locked.

Since I had (and still have) a lot of work to do tonight, I knew I couldn’t just aimlessly putter around the house until Emma got back. So I went down to the basement to see if I could find anything to help my situation. Aaaaaand I found a wire hanger, which gave me the idea to try to unlock the door from the inside. (If you pull down the handle from the inside, the door won’t completely unlock, but you can pull the door open.)

I brought it back to my door and un-bent the hanger. After fiddling around for 15 minutes, I had SUCCESS! There are some pictures (taken from the inside) of how my rudimentary door un-locker works.

Pesky lock
Un-bent hanger…aka master key aka door unlocker
The hanger as it latches onto the door handle from the outside

Anyway, now I have even more motivation to go back to working on my arduino-servo-doorunlocking project, which was put on the backburner for some time…Ok now I really have to get back to work!


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