Door Unlocker LCD Screen

The motivation:

My next project is to create a door-unlocker using an Arduino, an LCD shield, and  servos. When I’m out on the trails and when Noelle is at the gym we never bring our keys. As a result, we’re forced to leave our door unlocked. Although we live on the 5th floor and there is a very small probability that a thief would climb five flights of stairs, it still leaves me a bit nervous. (Especially after the series of laptop thefts that struck Kilgo this past semester…)

It would be great if we had a way to lock/unlock our door without having to bring our keys!

The process:

Today I started working on the code that allows the user to select a 4 number passcode. Eventually, I’ll add onto the code so that when the correct code has been selected, a servo will rotate. When I move back into the dorm in August, I’ll connect the servo to the lock so that it will turn the lock when it rotates.

Unfortunately, I need to get back to packing…so I won’t have time to work on the servo code until we get to Taipei.



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