Light Switch

The motivation:

This semester, my lovely roommate Noelle decided to rush the sorority Delta Sigma Theta. During the grueling 2.5 month-long process, I rarely saw her. Because I like to read before bed, I had a little trouble when the time came to finally go to sleep. I had to drag myself out from under my warm covers, climb down my bed, walk across the room, turn off the lights, stub my toe as I stumbled back to bed in the dark, climb back into bed, and finally find some peace and rest.

*Side Note: Because we have very high ceilings (one of the many pros to a 5th floor room), we both decided to loft our beds (5 feet high). As a result, it made turning off the lights even more of a hassle.*

After a month of this process and a very sad big toe, I decided it was time to fix the problem. Using duct tape, a command hook, and a piece of plastic, I rigged some yarn across the room so that I could turn off the lights from my bed. Now I can read and turn off the lights whenever I want to!

The process:

Light Switch: In order to make the light switch turn off, I needed the yarn to exert a downward force. From my bed, I would be exerting an upward/sideways tension. I attached a command hook to the wall and looped the string around it to achieve the desired downward force.

Light switch with string

Across the room: A Christmas light command-hook was already attached to the ceiling, so I strung the yarn through the hook to my bed.

Yarn from my bed’s point of view

Trouble shooting: In order to avoid having a piece of yarn blatantly hanging across the entrance of our room, I had to pull it upwards. Unfortunately, I had run out of command hooks, so I needed to find another way to suspend the yarn. I found an old plastic cylinder (used to store mechanical pencil eraser caps) and popped off the two circular ends. I cut the ends so that it would be nice and rounded, then used duct tape to smooth over the rough edges. I taped my makeshift hook near the top of the wall in order to direct the yarn upwards.


How it can be improved: The yarn stretches every time the switch is pulled. Next year I may replace yarn with paracord in order to avoid this problem.

Turning off the lights…in ACTION:

(1) From the light switch point of view

(2) From my point of view


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